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 Heirloom Valuation and Brokerage Services






Have you, a family member or a friend recently inherited personal items, works of art, old books, collectibles or antiques or other rare or unusual items but you

have no idea about its current value?

Our Heirloom Valuation Service can help.

We all are familiar with the stories of people finding rare and highly valuable works of art, antiques or other valuable treasures at house clearings, public estate sales and charity shops. And while we are happy for their good fortune we all must realize that someone else has unfortunately acted without knowledge and let something of substantial monetary value slip through their hands.

We hear these sad stories of missed opportunities and regrettable decisions far too often.


Dealing with the liquidation of inherited items in a will or estate often comes at a time of emotional distress and grief. Acting in haste without sufficient and accurate information may result in items being severely undervalued and 

the result can be a financial disaster.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of letting your inherited property sell far below its correct value Art Services 2000 Ltd. is now offering a professional Heirloom Valuation Service that will review your inherited personal property items

before you place them for sale or donation.

Art Services 2000 Ltd. conducts research of art and antiques and other rare and collectible items on a national and international scale. We work with regional, national and international sale venues including specialists at the world's most trusted and respected auction houses, private dealers, galleries and individual collectors for over two decades.

Items we have researched and brokered for our private clients have included the contents of entire estates, works of art, rare books, historical documents, autographs, Civil War, WW I and WW II military items, swords, firearms, collectibles, photographs, fine jewelry, vintage designer luggage and many other types of rare and unique modern and antique items.

Call us today at 386-742-6786 or email us to discuss  your item or collection of items.

Please don't offer your items for sale or donation without first knowing exactly what they are worth.

Call us today at (386) 742-6786 for a free initial consultation.

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