Heirloom Brokerage Services


Have you or a family member inherited personal items like works of art, old books,  collectibles or antiques or other unusual or that you wish to sell?

We can help.

We conduct our market research on an national and international scale and have been working with regional, national and international sale venues including specialists at the world's most trusted and respected auction houses, private dealers, galleries and individual collectors for over two decades.

Items we have sold for our private clients include works of art, rare books, historical documents, autographs, Civil War, WW I and WW II military items, swords, firearms, sports collectibles, photographs,fine jewelry,vintage designer luggage and many other types of rare and unique modern and antique items.

Call us today at 386-742-6786 or email us artserv2000@yahoo.com to discuss  your item or collection of items.

Please don't sell or donate your valuable items without knowing exactly what they are worth.

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