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Lecture Series and Public Appraisal Programs


Our public programs include both appraisal days and a series of lectures

that address issues and events in the world of fine art.


"A Spy in the House of Art"

"Confessions of a Fine Art Appraiser"

A PowerPoint Program presented by Mark Alexander, ISA, AM


Topics covered include:


Types and Purposes of Fine Art Appraisals


The Appraiser's Qualifications and Credentials


Appraisal Organizations and Code of Ethics


Standards and Practices


Documentation and Research


Provenance and Authentication


Condition and Conservation


The program is illustrated by case studies and examples of artworks dating from the 15th Century to the present time and  is followed by a brief question and answer session.

Other PowerPoint Programs Include:

"The Art of Audubon"

"Fakes, Frauds, Forgeries"

"Art and the Nazis"

"Authenticating Vincent van Gogh"

"Recent Discoveries and Research"


​These public programs are available for bookings on a limited basis for colleges , universities, libraries, museums, interested organizations and cultural institutions



Contact us at: (386) 742-6786 for details

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