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Pictured above


"Lough, Moor  and Mountains over Gortahork"


Paul Henry,RHA

Irish,( b. 1897 - d. 1958)


oil on canvas  20" x 24"


Lot # 39 Sotheby's Irish Sale

May 11, 2006


Sold for:


120,000 GBP / $223,872.00 USD 

with Buyer's Premium




Brokerage Services


Do you need to sell a single work of art, an entire  fine art collection or another high value rare item or items?


Many of our private clients inherit artworks and collections of other rare and high value items that they need to sell.


In addition to and separately from conducting formal appraisals of works of fine art, Art Services 2000 Ltd. reviews collections and provides a discrete and confidential sales brokerage service for our private clients who wish to sell their fine art items. This includes but is not limited to oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculptures fine art photographs and limited edition prints.

Are you moving , downsizing or thinking about placing potentially valuable items in an estate sale? Perhaps you have collected or inherited a collection of artworks and antiques or other rare high value items?


Before making any decisions about selling or donating artworks or family heirloom items it would be a very good idea to first have it professionally researched so it can be correctly identified and properly valued. 


We can carefully screen the contents of the entire estate so you can avoid the often costly error of placing things for sale without knowing or realizing their true value.

We have also sold historical items, photographs, rare books, documents, autographs, militaria, swords, firearms and many rare and collectible and /or one of a  kind items.


We conduct our in depth market research world-wide and have had the privilege of working with internationally recognized experts in many fields including renown art historians, independent scholars, research librarians, museum curators, conservators, commercial art galleries and other highly respected fine art professionals.

Authentication of Artworks and Rare Items


We are often contacted by individuals who need to have works of art authenticated.


When we are called upon to do so we find and work with the "correct" expert and the "officially recognized" organizations that specialize in the artist's works.


Caution: All too often we are contacted by people who either intend to or have already attempted to research and authenticate a painting or other artworks by themselves.  While their intentions are well meaning the results of doing this on their own are usually disastrous and the outcome negative.  Contacting experts and other resources without proper knowledge, understanding and experience is to be avoided and can best described as an exercise in futility. Trying to do this always unnecessarily delays and very often destroys the entire authentication process. Doing so can only add elements of confusion to an already complicated and delicate task.


Please do not try to authenticate works of art or other highly valuable items without proper professional guidance and counsel.


There are strict procedures and protocols that must be understood and adhered to when authenticating any work of art.


Specific knowledge is required to find and contact the "correct" expert individual or "officially recognized" and designated organization. Once the expert is found you need to be able to communicate by knowing and understanding the subject matter.


An authentication from the "wrong person or organization" is totally worthless and will not be accepted as a valid verification that the work is genuine and therefore it cannot be valued or offered for sale as such. Please be very careful when hiring anyone who claims they can issue a Certificate of Authenticity themselves.


Please Note: Our goal is to correctly identify, properly document and present our client's valuable works of fine art and other high value rare and collectible items for sale in order that they may attain the best possible sale result.


Please Note: Many of our clients are settling estates that contain other types of high value items, including antiques, silver, rare books, militaria, rugs, antique firearms, furniture, collector cars and numerous other types of rare and valuable items and collections. While we limit our professional appraisal practice to traditional fine art, when called upon to do so, we can also broker the sale of your high value items and family heirlooms.


Our start to finish fine art brokerage services include:


  • Confidential formal contractual arrangements


  • Full written and photographic documentation


  • International market research


  • Personal professional contact with art experts and scholars


  • All negotiations and arrangements with sale venues and/ or private buyers


  • Arrangements for official authentication of artworks and other items


  • Complete arrangements for packing, shipping and insurance


  • Prompt payment with a detailed account of the sale is issued to all clients



Contact us today at (386) 742-6786 for a free initial review of your artworks or other high value items and to discuss your individual options and requirements.





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